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I recently read David Gaughran’s new novel A Storm hits Valparaiso. (A link to the review on Amazon is at the end of this posting.) David writes historical fiction and for those of you who, like me, enjoy that genre I think you’ll enjoy his new book.

Set in South America it follows the story of San Martin as he leads his army of soldiers, slaves and civilians against Spain in the fight for the independence of America. The story is well told and researched using historical events as the backdrop and using his creative skills to fill in the gaps.

Throughout an interesting cast of characters fill the pages. From real historical characters such as San Martin a former soldier of Spain who has turned against his former masters, to Cochrane the irascible Royal Navy admiral whose fantastical exploits deserve their own telling.  Then there are the invented characters who are no less well drawn  and add an interesting dimension to the story as they deal with the war and upheaval that surrounds them.

One can easily sense that David is scratching the surface of a multi-textured historical episode but, while it would be interesting to explore the various layers lingering just below the surface of the main narrative, David does well to avoid this as it would most likely result in the story getting sidetracked by albeit interesting but nevertheless unrelated sub plots.

David is a talented writer worth keeping an eye on and I look forward to his next novel.

Click here for my review on Amazon of David Gaughran’s new novel A Storm Hits Valparaiso.

– John

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