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Book Review – A Storm Hits Valparaiso!

January 11, 2012

Occasionally I’ll review books of other authors for those of you who are interested in finding more good authors in a genre you enjoy or to expand your reading tastes.

I recently read David Gaughran’s new novel A Storm hits Valparaiso. David writes historical fiction and for those of you who, like me, enjoy that genre I think you’ll enjoy his new book. Continue reading →

– John


eBook Release Update 2!

January 10, 2012

First of all thank you to those of you who have been asking about the release of the eBook of Legend of Zodiac – Fall of Darkness.  There seems to have been a bit of a snag with the formatting at 52 Novels. It seems they got snowed under with demand over December and several novels they have been working on have been delayed. I’m in the process of finding out what the new timeline will be but expect the release to be before the end of January. I’ll keep you posted.

Am I disappointed at the delay? Of course. December and the following month or two are key selling times for novels as everyone who received an eReader over the holidays loads up on new books. However, as in any multi-party endeavour patience is sometimes required when things don’t go as expected.

The 52 Novels people are in a growing business and if you’ve ever been in a new business (I have, as a writer and otherwise) you can suddenly get caught when demand for your services exceeds your ability to meet that demand. I’m certain they will make the adjustments necessary for next time as it’s all part of the learning curve for a growing business.

As a writer whose living depends on income from my craft the loss of sales is regrettable but it is only money and he sun has risen every day so it’s safe to say the world hasn’t ended yet.  Having said all that I’m in the process of exploring backup alternatives to ensure this doesn’t happen again. To those of you who are waiting your patience is appreciated ad should be rewarded soon.

The good news is that in the meantime work on the second book of the Legend of Zodiac trilogy is continuing apace and I’m quite excited about the direction it is going in. I’ll be providing updates on that in the weeks ahead.

A happy 2012 to all of you and happy reading!

– John

Final eBook Preparation!

December 13, 2011

The manuscript of Legend of Zodiac – Fall of Darkness is in the final stags of being set up in eReader format for the Kindle, Kobo, Nook and other eReaders. There were some final edits and corrections that needed to be made – those sorts of tweaks seem endless – and the book should be finalized and ready for upload by next week just in time for Christmas.

Now that the Legend of Zodiac – Fall of Darkness is in the final stages of being readied for publication I am once again turning my attention to the second book in the series. The basic manuscript is completed and now it’s time for the second draft. In reviewing the first book some new ideas cropped up that I think will work well in the rest of the series. The target date for release is February/March.


eBook Release Update!

November 27, 2011

RELEASE UPDATE: The manuscript for the novel Legend of Zodiac – Fall of Darkness is in the hands of the eBook formatters at 52 Novels and by all accounts its release is on schedule for early December 2011.

– John

Legend Of Zodiac Blog Unleashed!

November 13, 2011


This is the blog of John D Glass, author and creator of the Legend of Zodiac trilogy soon to be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Chapters/Indigo in Canada. My books are sold as eBooks for eReaders. Even if you don’t have an eReader you can still view my books on your computer, mobile phone or iPad using this freely available eReader app.

This blog will keep readers up to date on releases of the Legend of Zodiac trilogy novels which, if all goes according to plan will see the second installment of the series released by February 2012 and the final part of the trilogy by the spring or early summer of 2012.

The blog will also update readers about other books in creative or active development as well as serve as a forum to comment on the novels, characters and plots. I am also working on some ideas for a set of novellas based on the main characters of the series which I will look at once the trilogy is written. Stay tuned for more information on that in the coming months.

I’m also fascinated by the rapid growth of the eSelf-publishing business. As I am new to this aspect of things and I have been asked about how it works I will post my experiences on this blog so that other writers, and aspiring writers can get a sense of what to do and what to avoid if they decide to take the eSelf-publishing route.

If you haven’t checked out Joe Konrath’s blog he has several years worth of commentary and insight that are definitely worth looking at. I’ll comment on this in greater detail later but suffice to say Joe has been an inspiration for many writers wanting to find a way to make writing a full-time career.

Also, I anticipate the blog will evolve over time and encompass many things including social commentary and observations about the evolution of technology and what it means for writers and in the broader scheme of things for society as a whole.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to the fans of the Legend of Zodiac series whose support has meant so much to me and I look forward to sharing new stories and adventures in the future.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

– John