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My first book Legend of Zodiac – Fall of Darkness is available as an eBook. If you don’t have an eReader that’s not a problem. You can read eBooks on any computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone with this free software.

Legend of Zodiac – Fall of Darkness  ($4.95/£2.60/€3.15) is a genre fiction/Young Adult novel that is now available for purchase as an eBook on Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon Germany and Amazon France. If you are in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland or South Africa you can pick up a copy at the Amazon US website. It will be available on Smashwords as soon as some technical issues are worked out which should be soon. I’ll let you know when.

An excerpt from the book Legend of Zodiac – Fall of Darkness is available in the novel excerpts section of my blog.

Book Description:

When seventeen-year-old Gwen Carson is brought to Edinburgh, Scotland by an uncle she has never met she quickly realizes everything in her new life is not as it appears to be. Vampires, magic and danger inhabit the dark alleys and secret underworld of the city as an ancient truce between bitter enemies teeters on the edge of collapse threatening to explode into a war that will engulf the city with terrifying consequences for its inhabitants. Only the Unholy Alliance, unlikely allies led by her uncle, united by a common foe stands against the gathering storm.

Gwen refuses to be drawn into this dangerous mix until the ancient Legend of Zodiac is revealed to her and she discovers she is the only one who can stop the mayhem before it begins.  As she delves deeper into the Zodiac mystery she discovers an exciting new world opening up for her at the hands of her protector, the mysterious and complex Lael, who keeps a dark and deadly secret and to whom she finds herself unwillingly attracted.

Caught in a race against time Gwen begins piecing together the mystery that just might save them all…until the dangers begin to multiply and she is confronted with a betrayal that shatters her world and threatens the fulfillment of her destiny.

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