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About The Author

John D. Glass lives in Canada and travels a lot for extended periods to collect ideas on locations, people and events for his stories. Currently he is in Taiwan researching a future novel and enjoying the view.

He has been involved in numerous activities in his life from private intelligence gathering to running his own communications company. His many eclectic fancies include good food shared in the company of friends and friendly strangers, and his abiding passions are writing, horses and travel indulging in each of them as often as he can.

The Legend of Zodiac trilogy began as a challenge to get involved in the one true calling he had ignored since school – to become a full-time writer. And so several years after being told on numerous occasions ‘seriously, you can write’, John finally believed it. That spark turned into a flame and subsequently into a fire and writing has become a reason for getting up in the morning.

So, to those who believed in him before he did he would like to offer a note of thanks and dedicate his commitment to his craft knowing that had it not been for their encouragement it’s likely that none of this would ever have come about. Follow your passion…it’s the only good reason to get out of bed in the morning.

You can visit his Amazon author page using this link:

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  1. Barbara Souter permalink
    May 8, 2013 4:49 am

    Hello John
    I don’t know where in this webpage to leave this message but I will put it here and hope somehow it reaches you.
    I listened to and thoroughly enjoyed your interview on National Radio.
    Very interesting to hear your first hand experiences of living in Taiwan – the advantages and disadvantages. Charming to know your thoughts about visiting New Zealand and in your opinion how we are perceived by Canadians. I have a soft spot for Canada as that is where my daughter lives and I visit Toronto every year.
    When you do finally visit New Zealand, I invite you to travel north to Matakana Village which is 45 minutes motorway drive from Auckland and stay in my accommodation Casa Canna Cottage or Annex where you can start to explore our beautiful countryside in the Matakana Coast Wine country.
    Then maybe in the evening we could talk about Canada and New Zealand over a glass of wine. I appreciate your point of view as listened to in Jim Mora’s programme.
    I enjoy hosting visitors to our shores and particularly assisting them see what makes our country tick. Material for another book perhaps?
    Kind regards
    Barbara Souter

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