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Writing Update

June 18, 2012

I have completed a  slight re-drafting of book one of the Legend of Zodiac series. I’d noticed a couple of spelling and grammar errors in Legend of Zodiac – Fall of Darkness and took the opportunity to make corrections to those (that’s part of the beauty of digital publishing). Also I shortened some of the chapters. I haven’t removed any material but rather split them up. This helps improve the reading flow.


I’m currently doing the final edits of Legend of Zodiac – Book of Secrets and the work is proceeding quickly. I’m about 1/3 of the way through and should have it completed in two weeks with publication soon to follow. I have made July 1 the deadline for publication and this seems well within reason.

I am also outlining the third book in the trilogy. I know the ending which I knew when I began writing this series, and now I have the beginning of the book and several plot points. I’m very excited as to how things are unfolding and can’t wait to get down to writing it which will begin immediately after Book of Secrets is released.

Finally, at the suggestion of a couple of close friends I am putting together the idea for a new series of books. These will not be young adult novels but instead will be international thrillers. They will be based on some work I have done previously and continue to do outside of my writing.  The concept is very, very cool and to the point where it employs some elements that are used in the real world of governmental and corporate espionage that most people are unaware of. Reading the last sentence it makes it sound as if this technology (if I can use that term) is used only for spying but in fact is often used simply as an information gathering tool  as well.

Okay, break’s over…time to get back at it.

Be well.

– John

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