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And The Next Title In The Legend Of Zodiac Trilogy Is…

April 6, 2012

Finally, I’m excited to announce the title of the second book in the Legend of Zodiac trilogy. Legend of Zodiac – The Book of Secrets is going to be released in May 2012.

The story continues right where the Fall of Darkness left off with Gwen beginning her first year of study at university. But Gwen begins to notice changes in Lael and the nature of their relationship. She begins to wonder if it is the normal rocky road that is part of their unique human/vampire relationship or is something else at play. Before Gwen can answer that she finds herself involved in solving a new part of the Zodiac Legend no one knew even existed. As she delves deeper into the mystery she begins to wonder who her friends and enemies really are and if she will even survive long enough to find out.

The manuscript is in the final stages of major editing and I’m in the process of killing a section that I really, really like (sigh). Alas, it’s the writer’s curse of keeping the story within a fixed length. Plus, as good as it is the section in question doesn’t advance the story as much as it should to merit inclusion.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress over the next few weeks.

– John

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